Landscape Paintings Bastrop TX and the Lost Pines

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Tree Portraits

Trees are a favorite subject for me.  Trees provide ready metaphors for strength, adaptability, flexibility, shelter, and nurture as well as demonstrating the cycle of life and death.  I have loved and named special trees since childhood and like to believe that they are spirits with loving messages for us.

Observing my favorite trees at Little Piney throughout the days and seasons, I noticed that they each have a time  when they most come alive with light.  My latest paintings are intimate portraits of trees captured in that moment of magic.  Each tree tells its history through the twists and turns of trunks and branches and projects a unique personality through the painting.  I become well acquainted with my subjects through many visits and observations before I paint them from photographs in the studio, and I often paint them several times.

Ancient Two, Oil on canvas, 16×20 framed, 750.
SOLD Aglow, Oil on canvas, 12×12
Last Light, Oil on canvas, 18×24, 650.
Creek Bottom Cedar, Oil on canvas, 18×24, 500.
Ancient One, oil on canvas, 24×36, 1200.
Backlit Pine, Oil on canvas, 20×24, 650.
Good Morning Oil on Canvas, 18×24, 650.


Landscape Paintings from Little Piney

The oil paintings below are my original paintings from Little Piney in Bastrop and the Lost Pines.  The fields, trees, and water, the seasonal changes, and the varied light from morning to afternoon offer constant inspiration.  I am also interested in water and reflections and big Texas skies.  Most of these oil paintings are available for purchase.  Contact me for details and prices.

Beyond, Oil on panel, 16×20, framed, 750.
Pines at Dusk, Oil on canvas,24×20, 500.
Small_Oil on canvas_30x40, 1000.
After the Fire, Bastrop State Park, Oil on Canvas, 24 x 48, 1200.
Landscape Painting Bastrop TX, Oil, 24 x 36
Piney Creek Reflection, 30 x 40,  1100.
Landscape Painting Bastrop TX
Leaning In, Oil, 30 x 40, On loan to City of Bastrop


SOLD Creekside II, Oil on Canvas
Piney Creek Invitation II
Piney Creek Invtiation I, Oil, 24 x 36, 500.
Piney Creek Invtiation II, Oil, 24 x 36, 500.
Oil on canvas, 12 x 48, by Tammy Brown, 2015, Landscape Paintings Bastrop TX and the Lost Pines
Creekside, Oil on Canvas, 12×36, 500.
SOLD Morning Walk, Oil on canvas, 12×16


Three Crows, Oil by Tammy Brown
SOLD Three Crows, Oil on Canvas, ,24×18


Oil on canvas, 12X12,,Landscape Paintings Bastrop TX Lost Pines
SOLD Blue Heron Morning II
Oil on canvas, 18x24, Tammy Brown, 2015,Landscape Paintings Bastrop TX and the Lost Pines
NFS  Deer at Dragonfly Pond










  1. Tammy, Congratulations on your first anniversary. I can’t believe it had only been a year: so much has happened & you have learned & accomplished so much!

    It was such a visual treat just now to see all your paintings & photographs – you are flowing with creativity!

    Much love xOx lisa

  2. I’m interested in how your Tal-Ya trays are working out. We’re going to try out 15 trays with tree tubes on Honey Locust, Chi, Oak, & Pistachio. The trees & trays are going on our Permaculture project in S.E. Az.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      The Tal-ya trays work really well. Our trees made it through a very hot, dry summer with supplemental water on weekends only, often less than once per week, and no supplemental watering after August. We do have heavy dew at our place every morning. I just planted 3 more little trees after a second order of the trays. I know Arizona is dryer than Central Texas, but they did work very well here. Good luck with your project!

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