Texas Floods and Wildflowers

Tammy Brown


 Texas Floods–Flooded Again

My heart goes out to all those in Bastrop County and surrounding counties whose homes are flooded.  The last 12 months in Bastrop have included a major forest fire and two major floods.  Some people have suffered a disaster more than once.

We are fortunate here at Little Piney that the mud and water stayed outdoors.    Here the most dramatic result of the flood is a gully washed out through the field behind our house.  Two days after the rain, it is still gurgling with underground water pouring in.  It is  only feet from our dirt road, so we will need to find a solution before the next heavy rains.

And a Few Interesting Tracks

The bright side of mud is the graffiti of little feet (or little slithering bellies)!

DSC_0322 DSC_0325 DSC_0326



  1. Tammy, this washout is close to your road??!!?? I was trying to figure it out from the foto. Bastrop is so getting it, huh? I cannot wait to see it. ground water from saturation along with the flowing surface. Barton Creek is roaring right now. The swimming pool was a raging river above the sidewalk banks on Friday. On Sunday they had it drained. I’m curious about how they do all that, how fast they can refill it etc. Love the land and water.

    1. Hi, Mary. The washout is close to the road between the house and the barn. And, yes, Bastrop is getting more than its share of disasters as are many other communities in Central Texas. I’m really struck by how the water shapes the land, creating new pathways, building up banks, changing things up constantly. I’m looking forward to your visit! Tammy

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