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As a newcomer to Bastrop and the Lost Pines, I’ve spent many hours online accumulating information about the wildlife and plant life of the area.  Here are the best online lists for Bastrop birds, wildlife, and native plants for information specific to Bastrop:

Best bird list:

Birds of Bastrop and Buescher State Park and Lake Bastrop

This list is compiled by expert local birder, Brush Freeman, from actual bird counts. This list tells you by season how often and when the bird is usually seen. Lost Pines  is a unique habitat.  When bird books in my library tell me a sighting is not likely it this list may say it is.

Best native plant lists:

Bird Habitat Plants for Bastrop County Compiled by Joan Russell, Horticulturist  Texas Master Naturalist

This list describes plants, bushes, and trees beloved by our birds, and even tells which species are attracted to each one.

Tree Planting Guide for Bastrop, Caldwell, Lee and Fayette Counties of Texas Texas Master Naturalist

This starts with a guide to  planting, but scroll down for information on native trees.

Bastrop County Native Trees, Woody Shrubs and Vines Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

A very thorough list of trees, shrubs and vines native to Bastrop County.

Bastrop County Native Annuals and Perennials Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Also very complete list of annual and perennial plants native to Bastrop.

Herpes of Texas:

Turtles, lizards, salamanders, snakes, frogs, and crocodilians

Wildlife resource list:

Resource list for anyone who is interested in wildlife management in Bastrop and Caldwell Counties  BCCWMA

Links to everything you need to know about wildlife management in our area all in one place.

Herpes of Texas:


There is more information on the internet, but these are the top lists I’ve found for Bastrop birds, wildlife, native plants.  Please let me know if you have a favorite list, and I’ll share it here.

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