March Promises and the Nature Cure for Primary Madness

Tammy Brown

March Promises

Little Piney in March is a green and happy place.  The landscape is tame and parklike after a late winter mowing, and full of promises of things to come–the first wildflowers, the first butterflies, mounds of dewberry blossoms,  and tiny eggs that will hatch by Easter.  Nature is a welcome antidote to the ugly politics dominating our primary elections.

The Nature Cure

What would happen if Americans one and all boycotted the news and spent mornings and evenings outdoors celebrating the goodness of our natural world and clearing our minds.  For one thing, we would consider the health of our Earth when we cast our ballots.  For another, surely we would come to our senses and nominate someone  we could imagine walking beside us, valuing as we do life, beauty, honesty, and goodness.  If nothing else, research shows that nature reduces depression and anxiety, increases attention, and speeds healing.   So, why not?  Join me in the nature cure?

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