Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX–Part II

Tammy Brown

Piney Creek originates in the Northeast part of Bastrop County, then heads South and West through Camp Swift, under FM1441 and wraps itself around Little Piney before heading through town to the Colorado.  At some point–maybe at FM1441–the creek becomes Sanders’ Lake for a mile or so.  Sanders’ Lake is basically a wider area of the creek created by a dam.

We keep a canoe by the shore for exploring Sanders’ Lake.   Ken and I went out Sunday morning when the was water smooth and mirror-like.    It was quiet and peaceful-not another human in sight.   Here are some photo highlights of our paddle on Piney Creek:


Sanders' Lake, Bastrop, TX
Heading Out in the Canoe

This part of the creek is deep enough for small boats and fishing.

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX
A Neighbor’s Fishing Boat

The sandy bank changes with heavy rains.  Lovely but invasive Elephant Ears have spread since last spring.

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX
Elephant Ears and a Water Plant
Elephant Ears and Water Plants

Woodland birds and water birds are abundant in the trees and on the bank.

At 1441, the creek becomes more or less navigable depending on the depth and the position of falling trees and brush.

The reflections were especially beautiful this morning.Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX


Waterlilies are in bloom in several places.

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX

Giant Swallowtail

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX

This is where the creek leaves Sander’s Lake, falls over rocks into a deep pool and spills out to become a sandy bottomed creek again,  See Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX–Part I.

Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX