September Moments

Tammy Brown

September Momentts from Little Piney

September was a hot and humid month of natural disasters and human suffering, As September finally passed, we were shocked by a senseless act of violence on the first day of October.  In the midst of great human suffering, I am grateful for the peace and comfort that nature provides. When the world presents its most chaotic and cruel face, healing time in nature is more important than ever.  I hope you have an outdoor place that nurtures your spirit.  In this post, I’m sharing peaceful September moments at Little Piney.

Bobcat Sighting

We are always thrilled to see a bobcat at Little Piney.  I thought this one was a cougar until corrected by wildlife biologist, Ray Matlack of West Texas A&M, host of PBS series Texas Wild.  He wrote  “It’s a bobcat, beautiful and lanky, probably a male.”  He appeared at 5:50 pm.  Robert Trudeau of Texas Parks and Wildlife said that bobcat sightings were up, probably due to disruption by recent flooding.

Butterflies of Fall









Hummers and Hawks in Pairs

Tiny female and juvenile Ruby-throated–Hummingbirds and a mating pair of Red-shouldered Hawks.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at Little Piney, Bastrop TX
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
Red-shouldered Hawks at Little Piney, Bastrop TX
Red-Shouldered Hawks


New Paintings

My favorite little Pine Grove by the lake in the last sunlight of the day.

Oil on Canvas, 24 x 20
Pines at Dusk

This was fun to paint–my daughter’s big cat who likes to sit up like a human.

Oil on canvas

Another composite of birds on a wire.

Oil on canvas, 12x36
Can’t We Just Get Along?

Scissortail painted in multiple poses from photos I took at Little Piney.

Oil on canvas, 36x24
Scissortails III


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