Favorite Photos 2015, First Year at Little Piney– Part 1

Tammy Brown

First Year at Little Piney

Our first year at Little Piney has been rich and blessed.  She is becoming familiar tree by tree, bird by bird,  yet I am thrilled to know that  my feet have yet to explore some of her ground and my eyes will never see all of her avian visitors.  Looking back through photos of the year, some of my favorites have not been shared, and some are worth sharing again.  This is the first installment of my Favorite Photos 2015.

Favorite Photos 2015–Water

Favorite photos 2015
Early fall on the lake


 favorite photos 2015
Reflections after late fall rains
Favorite photos 2015
Bare branches after fall rains
Favorite photos 2015
Fall leaves floating on the lake


Favorite Photos 2015
Dragonfly Pond in early June
Favorite photos 2015
Lake on a foggy summer morning with Great Blue Heron


  1. Gorgeous Tammy! Little Piney has enriched my life (and I’m sure others’ lives as well)
    thank you for sharing this loved place.

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