Yellow Warblers and Central Texans Singin’ in the Rain

Tammy Brown

Relief from Triple Digits Came with Rain!

Just when we thought we couldn’t take it anymore, rain and cooler air both moved in over the weekend!  What a relief.  I spent much of the weekend outside on the porch or out in the rain with my rubber boots on.  As the rain arrived, so did the birds…

Yellow Warblers

The birds may have been as excited about the rain as we were!  They were out in high numbers, at the feeders, in the trees, eating seeds and berries, and singing in the rain.  To my surprise, several Yellow Warblers spent the weekend with us at Little Piney!   I could hardly in stay out of the rain, these little warblers were such a delight to watch.  Like little spots of sunshine, they flit non-stop from twig to twig among the elm leaves, then, in a streak of lemon-yellow rocket to the next elm.  I hope they stay with us for a few more days before heading on South for the winter.

Orchard Oriole

Today another early migrant stopped by Little Piney.  During a break in the rain,  this Orchard Oriole flew out of the woods and landed in the same elm as the Yellow Warbler.

Orchard Oriole at Little Piney, Bastrop, TX
Orchard Oriole


The Hummingbirds were in rare form fighting over the feeders in the front and back.  We had Black-chinned and Ruby-throated both this weekend.  This one was more golden than green.

Female Black-Chinned Hummingbird
Female Black-Chinned Hummingbird
Hummingbird Taking Off
Hummingbird Taking Off

Poke Weed Berries

Poke weed berries were a popular rainy day meal with the birds and the deer.  This tall green and fuchsia weeds grow wild all over Little Piney.  In another month they will be brown and straggly, but we will mow around them because they keep feeding the wildlife until frost.  If you ever wonder why we don’t keep Little Piney neatly mowed, it’s because our priority is wildlife habitat.  We only mow twice a year, to maximize food production and provide cover for the birds and animals.

Carolina Wren on Poke Weed at Little Piney, Bastrop TX
Carolina Wren on Poke Weed
Doe Feeding on Poke Weed Berries
Doe Feeding on Poke Weed Berries

These young Summer Tanagers preferred grass seed.DSC_0321

The rain will continue this week–good news for the wildlife and my young trees at Little Piney.  And good news for all who are tired of the oppressive heat.  Fall migration is just beginning, so more new birds will be passing through and stopping by Little Piney for food and water.


    1. Thank you, Paul! I hope an Orchard Oriole flies your way! Now’s the time. They are early migrators.

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