Bluebirds and chickadees: Full house at Little Piney

Tammy Brown


Big excitement at Little Piney this week!  No Vacancy in the nest boxes!  It’s a full house at Little Piney for the bluebirds and chickadees.

When I made my rounds this week, I discovered 7 nests–3 with bluebird eggs, 3 with chickadee eggs, one box with a completed nest just waiting for eggs, and one unfinished mystery nest!

The chickadee eggs are pale and speckled, and the blue birds lay tiny blue eggs up to six in a nest.

Sometimes I see little Mama-bird heads peeking out!


Caroling Chickadee in nest box
Mama Chickadee


 Wildflowers in bloom

The wildflowers are also in full bloom at Little Piney, blue, pink and yellow popping up across the fresh green fields and snow whited dewberry blossoms rambling across carpets of pine needles.


DSC_1885DSC_1882  DSC_1898 - Version 2DSC_1874




And with the wildflowers come winged pollinators of all kinds–










Great blue heron

It’s our first spring at Little Piney, and every day is a new discovery. This is what the wildlife camera snapped for us down at the lake, a great blue heron who visits often but usually won’t pose for a picture.  The night creatures were raccoons and one young deer.


Great Bllue HeronGreat blue heron on wildlife cam

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