Painting Birds

Tammy Brown

After the holiday rush of activities and celebrations, I was eager to get back to painting. However, I had a hard time feeling inspired. After several false starts with more serious subjects, I decided I needed to loose up and lighten up. I started painting birds and haven’t stopped! Some are finished and dry. Two have gone to new homes. Others are in various stages of almost dry and almost complete. They are fun, little paintings that aim to capture the spirit of the bird. All are painted from my own photographs.

Little Birds

Here are the finished ones–

Pine Warbler, Oil painting by Tammy brown
Black-throated Sparrow
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Loggerhead Shrike
Northern Cardinal
Hemit Thrush
Yellow-rumped Warbler
American Kestrel
Common Yellow=throat

Something a Little Different

Bird Sky

Little Birds Show, May 4th at the Lost Pines Art Center in Bastrop

Most of these paintings will be at the Lost Pines Art Center 1204 Chestnut Street, Bastrop, TX, in May. The opening is Saturday, May 4th. Please join us at this beautiful facility for music, wine, snacks, and lots of great, reasonably priced art by local and regional artists.


  1. They are delightful!
    Any way to find out if the yellow rumped warbler is available?

    (Correcting email below)

    1. Thank you so much! The second one shown is available. I’ll email you directly if that’s okay.