Turtles!–Turtles in Bastrop, Tx

Tammy Brown

I walked down to the creek on Saturday morning, a sunny day after a heavy rain. The water was chocolate-colored like Willie Wonka’s river, and dotted with more turtles than I ever remember seeing at one time–Texas River Cooters, Red-eared Sliders, and huge Texas Spiny Softshells. I love the turtles–the way they pile onto logs and plop into the water when they sense they are being watched. Here are some photos of the common turtles in Bastrop, Texas that we see on Piney Creek.

Spiny Soft Shell Turtles

These long-necked, shy turtles are usually seen swimming in the creek. I was surprised to see several large Spiny Soft Shell Turtles basking in the sun just across the creek.

Spiny Soft Shell Turtle  on Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX
Spiny Soft Shell Turtle on Piney Creek, Bastrop, TX

Texas River Cooters

Texas River Cooters are common on Piney Creek.

Red-eared Sliders

Red-eared Sliders are also well represented.

Texas Map Turtle

My apologies for the blurry photo. I don’t see the Map Turtles very often.

Texas Map Turtle

Turtles on a Log and Turtle Eggs

I have to say, I am not a turtle expert. Read up on Texas Turtles at https://www.texasturtles.org if you want more information on the turtles in Bastrop, Tx. They know what they are talking about! I also enjoy the Facebook page Texas Turtles where turtles lovers all over Texas share photos and stories..

Turtle Eggs in the Sand
Turtle Eggs in the Sand

Tilly the Tortoise

Tilly the Tortoise was wandering down the road to Little Piney. She’s not native to Bastrop! She wasn’t wearing tags, but I had seen a post on the neighborhood Face Book page, and knew who to call. I happily returned Tilly to her owner.

Lost Tortoise finds me on the road to Little Piney