Bobcat Surprise! Bobcat Bastrop TX

Tammy Brown

Nothing is more surprising and entertaining than what happens outdoors in nature, but unfortunately most of it happens when we aren’t looking.  I like to be outside as much as possible to increase my odds of seeing something wonderful!  I’ve enjoyed many moments in nature that are ordinary but that I don’t see every day.  Memorable moments such as an Osprey flying over with a fish, a snake slithering up a tree and stopping to look at me, a White-tailed Kite snatching a grasshopper and eating it midair, a Northern Harrier hovering over a field for minutes, a river otter popping up just feet away, and a Crow feather slowly spinning to the ground.   Great reasons to spend the day outdoors!

There’s another way to see what’s happening around Little Piney that I have had less luck with–game cameras.  Settings, batteries, quality, and high water have all made it seem like game cameras were more trouble than they were worth.   I’m down to one working camera out of several, and I hadn’t bothered to put it out in months until last week.  We were worried about that we might have wild pigs at Little Piney so I placed the camera near the house and left it for a few days.

What a surprise!  What I got on the camera amazed me!   I  have three 10 second videos of a bobcat doing something I didn’t even know they did.  Watch this big cat tossing it’s dinner up in the air and catching it before it lands!  If you have a cat at home, this play will look familiar.  Take a look at this beautiful bobcat Bastrop Tx.

These little videos raised a few questions.   The bobcat’s play is definitely practice that supports his ability to hunt and kill and therefore survive.  But does the bobcat enjoy the play or is it purely instinct?  I don’t know the answer, but I know it’s beautiful to watch, and I feel lucky to have caught it on the game camera.

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  1. […] Now that we have been at Little Piney for 2 1/2 years, we know we share the land with bobcats.  We have had daylight encounters with the spotted cats as they cross our property into the woods. Our game camera captured a bobcat tossing its prey into the air and leaping up to catch it.   See this post for an amazing video . […]