Painting Little Piney Lost Pines

Tammy Brown

Little Piney

Landscape painters are often known for painting a particular setting–one that is deeply familiar and well-loved by the artist. For quite awhile, I only wanted to paint Little Piney. In the last year or two, I have also painted landscapes from other Central Texas locales and from travel to places like New Mexico and Costa Rica. No matter how much beauty there is in the world, I always return to painting Little Piney, the Lost Pines landscape I love best.

Here are my most recent paintings of Little Piney–

A Buck at the Fence Line

As I walked down the path from the lake to the house in late afternoon, I startled a small group of deer grazing in the field. The last buck paused at the fence line before following the others over the fence.

Buck at the Fence Line at Little Piney
Buck at the Fence Line by Tammy Brown

Early Spring

This is small painting–8 x 8 inches–of Texas Bluebonnets and yellow spring flowers, with pines and understory trees in the background. Painted from a photograph.

Spring at Little Piney
Spring at Little Piney by Tammy Brown

Another Texas Sky

I love to paint the beautiful skies we have in Texas.

Art by Tammy Brown A Texas Sky
Another Texas Sky by Tammy Brown

Gran’s Garden

Lantana and butterflies glow in full sun. My children helped me start this garden in memory of my mother several years ago. It’s thriving this year!

Art by Tammy Brown Gran's Garden
Gran’s Garden by Tammy Brown

Animal Encounters

Some of my favorite moments at Little Piney are moments when I’m lucky enough to experience a surprise connection with a wild creature. I’ve painted a series of these special animal encounters. Here’s a link to the story of my otter encounter including the photo I got before he swam away.

Otter Encounter by Art by Tammy Brown
Otter Encounter

Mother Nature and Mothers

Over-explaining a painting never works, so I’ll just say this painting is about motherhood– being a mother, being a grandmother, losing a mother, being mothered by mother nature. It’s about internalizing a mother and knowing that every mother lives on through many generations in how we love, how we nurture, how we shelter, and how we protect.

Mother Nature by Tammy Brown Art
Mother Nature by Tammy Brown

Take Care of Yourself in These Trying Times

Spend some time in nature. Being outdoors is healing and grounding. Being out in nature helps with anxiety, depression, physical health, and a healthy immune system. We are all indoors too much, listening to negative news, feeling isolated and divided. We are all deeply connected to this earth and each other, and it’s good to be held by Mother Nature.

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  1. I love your new work, and the thoughts about motherhood resonated with my soul. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I love hearing that my art and words speak to you. ❤️