Red-shouldered Hawk’s Crunchy Breakfast

Tammy Brown

Red-shouldered Hawk

Sometimes all I see of the Red-shouldered Hawk is a dark shadow passing over the field, sometimes, a familiar shape disappearing at the edge of vision.  She is in front of me, then behind me when I never saw her move.  Sometimes, I  turn around, and she is only feet away calm and still,   focused on her hunt.  This morning, she let me photograph her breakfasting on a fresh, crunchy grasshopper.

Here is the story.  Click on the first image to see the full-sized photos.

Waiting for Leftovers?

This impressive trio of Black Vultures perched just across the creek.  If they were wanting for leftovers from the hawk, they were disappointed!  Elders, preachers, corner loiterers, politicians…who do they remind you of?



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